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Who We Are

Located in the heart of the city of Doral, a rapid and fast- growing industrial and commercial-driven city, our context welcomes a rich variety of culture, and encourages a multicultural exchange in our society.

Our context captures and awakens new interests, from transportation vehicles and metal machines to cranes and monstrous airplanes flying barely above the ground. KLA Doral offers children a learning experience where they are protagonists of their own learning. Teachers, as well as children, are provoked and motivated to explore, investigate, and express their ideas, theories, and hypotheses through endless possibilities and mediums while building a strong sense of identity and belonging.

Feel free to call and schedule a tour where you and your child can experience firsthand our philosophy and approach to learning.


Brickell’s Private Elementary School

An innovative and progressive institution inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy.
Giving continuity to our renowned early childhood education.

Registration is open for Kindergarten, First and Second Grade.
Call 305-377-0391 to schedule your private tour.

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What Makes Us Unique

ImmersedImmersed in the Community
Within our residential neighborhood, our school finds itself in the middle of a growing environment. With frequent field trips and welcoming members of our community into our school, we are constantly creating relationships and finding our place within our context.

ParentParents Viewed as Partners in Educating Their Children
Dedicated to familial relationships, care and consideration are given to all families in our tight-knit and heavily-involved parent community.

IntimateEatingAreaIntimate Eating Area
In a separate area from the playground and in a shaded outdoor space connected to the school, children have the opportunity to share in meals together with their peers.

EnrichCourseEnrichment Courses
Physical Education, Art and Music are weekly courses included in the tuition to offer children opportunities to expand upon their interests during their daily experiences.

OutdoorLarge Outdoor Spaces For a Multitude of Experiences
Opportunities for outdoor adventures are never ending. Provocations are offered to explore sounds and music with wind, metals, and rain. In our garden, found and recycled objects are repurposed and used as planters.

PiazzaPiazza For Community Gathering
A central community called ‘The Piazza’ constitutes the heart of the center. Children of all ages utilize this shared space to participate in small group experiences, encounter peers of different ages, and join together as a community during school-wide events.

FamilyFriendlyFamily-Friendly Hours
As an early childhood educational facility, we know the balance of work and life can be challenging. To meet the needs of our families, we offer an extended day program beginning at 7:00 am and ending at 6:00 pm.

DSC05306Highly-Educated and Culturally-Diverse Teaching Staff
Representing ten different nationalities with professional backgrounds in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Special Education, Psychology, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Sociology.

“The best preschool approach in the world!”


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Registration is Now Open
Call us now to schedule your tour: 305-377-0391


  • I love KLA, my son’s teachers, all staff and Pilar, the director, an
    extraordinary caring person! It has been a total blessing for my child and
    our family to begin his first childcare experience at KLA! Thank you KLA!!!

    – Margie S.

  • After visiting several schools, we realized professional schools with
    high standards were not hard to find in Doral. So we focused on observing
    the leadership of the teachers. We found that we liked the most about your
    school was the way you helped us understand all the experiences you try to
    bring to the children during school time. We also saw you walk toward a boy
    and listen to what he needed when he stood up during nap time, with no
    judgment then observed his teacher take care of him without interfering. It
    was this instinct and passion that we admired and made us feel confident to
    have our daughter learn and enjoy the days at your school.

    – Fox and Diana

  • Our son is blessed to have been afforded an opportunity to be educated
    within the KLA Doral preschool system by all of his past and present
    teachers; all of which, have demonstrated an unrivalled capacity and a gift
    to connect with and teach children in a unique manner! Christian surely
    thrives because of all staff members at KLA Doral…he has spent more time
    with your staff than he has with his parents in his short 5 years of
    existence. The KLA Doral teachers, administration, etc. are the reason for
    Christian’s exemplary assessment reports! Chante and I are and will be
    forever indebted to you all in my opinion.

    Our son has had the best possible foundation laid out and it was established
    by KLA Doral! Chante and my gratitude can never repay you all for your work
    with our son!

    – Keno

  • I received the weekly letter yesterday and just wanted to mention yet
    once again how happy we are with KLA. We were so impressed with the Friday
    activities you have lined up for the summer! It just reinforced how
    satisfied we feel with with Zoey and her education being in your care. I
    attribute much of our daughter’s happiness to the experience she has while
    at school and her wonderful teachers. I also want to thank you again for the
    time you took to speak with me a few weeks ago about Zoey’s advancement with
    her classmates into the 2’s in the Fall. Her development has been so
    wonderful to watch and we can’t wait to see her continued progress next

    – Adelaida H.

  • My husband & I are so happy with the school. Everyone is so sweet and
    loving with Lucca. We truly feel that our son could not be in better hands.
    Parent Night was a wonderful experience. I loved the video and meeting the
    rest of the parents. My favorite aspects of KLA are the parent involvement
    and the overall feel of “home” throughout the school. As a teacher and a
    parent I am very critical about schools and I can truly say KLA is the best
    there is!

    – Camila P.

  • We feel Santiago is developing in a loving and caring environment
    where his personality and background are respected and valued. He loves it
    there; he likes to go to school every morning and when he was on vacation he
    cried when he thought we were on our way to school but not (“vamos a la clase, vamos a la clase”).

    – Ana Maria L.

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